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Salvatore blue gold - 500 ml

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Salvatore Blue gold 2 x 500 ml Keratin treatment Taninoplastia
The Salvatore Blue Gold Salvatore is a product that was developed from elements taken from nature, so that deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair, smoothing the natural way without causing any damage to the hair. The Progressive Brush Salvatore Blue Gold nourishes and moisturizes the hair perfectly, has no formaldehyde smooth naturally...
Salvatore Blue gold Premium
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Airpurifier Warranty 1 year Perfect for hairsalons that does lots of treatments
Clean air in your hair salon!You do a lot of Brazilian smoothing and you want to work in more pleasant conditions?We found the solution! This tool is essential if you do a lot of treatment in your living room.The innovative technology of the Belase air purifier is the best solution to avoid dangerous exposure to airborne particles.With an...
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