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Honma Tokyo Argan Perfect Care

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Honma Tokyo Argan mask 250 gr.
To deeply nourish dry or curly hair, Honma Tokyo creates the nourishing mask with Argan oil. A generous formula, very rich in care, with argan oil well known to women from the Mediterranean basin, to deeply nourish the hair and make it more supple and easy to comb.Deeply nourished, your hair is soft to the touch and shiny!
Shampoing Honma Tokyo Coffee
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Honma tokyo argan oil
Argan Perfect Care Fluid, revitalizes and intensely moisturizes the hair, forming a protective film on the surface of the strands, thus prolonging the hydration effect and preventing water loss. This product prevents split ends and protects against the assaults of everyday life, resulting in hair with luster, suppleness and softness. Product...
Shampoing Honma Tokyo Coffee
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