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Cadiveu Brasil Cacau 3 x 110 ml + Homecare
Cadiveu Brasil Cacau 3 x 110 ml + Homecare THE BEST TREATMENT IN THE WORLD! WHAT IS IT? Brasil Cacau Keratin is a heat-activated restructuring process that can be used on all hair types to make the hair radiantly smooth and frizz-free for 3 months. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Keratin, Cocoa and Acetic Acid (responsible for making the formula acid, with...
Cadiveu Brasil Cacau
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Airpurifier Warranty 1 year Perfect for hairsalons that does lots of treatments
Clean air in your hair salon!You do a lot of Brazilian smoothing and you want to work in more pleasant conditions?We found the solution! This tool is essential if you do a lot of treatment in your living room.The innovative technology of the Belase air purifier is the best solution to avoid dangerous exposure to airborne particles.With an...
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