LIZZE Mini Fer à Lisser 200° C 25 W
LIZZE Mini Fer à Lisser 200° C 25 W

LIZZE Mini Fer à Lisser 200° C 25 W

LIZZE Straightener Extreme Titane 250 °


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LIZZE Straightener Extreme Titane 250 °

Extreme Titanium straightener from the brand Lizze, made in Brazil is a straightener specially designed for Brazilian straightening

Hair straightener specially designed for Brazilian straightening and hair botox Enormous time savings because the plate passage is reduced by 50% for Brazilian smoothing

It offers real working comfort thanks to its advantages: 300 grams, it is light.

The length of its plates makes it possible to grab long locks The width of medium size makes it possible to catch both small and long hair Lightly spring loaded plates provide stable bit grip The nano titanium technology guarantees better heat distribution, a constant temperature, i.e. no loss of temperature during smoothing Performance comparison table Number of passes of the plates

Standard straightener Lizze Extreme straightener Conventional straightening 7 to 10 times 5 times MAXIMUM * Organic smoothing 16 to 20 times 8 to 10 times MAXIMUM * * Do not exceed the prescribed number of passes otherwise you will waste time unnecessarily

The titanium technology of the Lizze Extreme straightener allows the hair to work more quickly, even when using at reduced temperature such as when working on fine, fragile hair. highlighted, colored, discolored.

In fact, the thermal performance of the Lizze Extreme straightener is not the only reason that allows the number of passes of the plates to be reduced so much.

The exclusive technology and choice of materials of this straightener also help to make it so easy to use. Conversion table for degrees Fahrenheit / Celsius Fahrenheit Celsius 480 ° F 250 ° C 410 ° F 210 ° C 375 ° F 190 ° C 340 ° F 170 ° C 300 ° F 150 ° C To know more : It protects the hair fiber from direct contact with the straightener which makes the glide even easier.

This makes the straightening process faster, more precise and uniform. 70% faster: it actually saves 70% of the time with the hottest titanium board on the market.

The best result, the best shine and the best smoothness in one product. The plates adapt perfectly to the strands, smooth and glide more easily without damaging the hair. The temperature can rise up to 250 ° C, the ideal temperature for hairdressing professionals **. Its design benefits from the contribution of the latest generation of technologies to provide comfort and results to the professional without damaging the hair. Its thermal power is reinforced by its maximum conduction for optimal efficiency. MCH technology offers a very resistant ceramic without loss of temperature. This allows the professional to succeed in smoothing. Its titanium coated plates have several advantages: It protects the hair The smoothing process becomes: faster more precise uniform This brings to the hair: more shine more softness The Lizze Extreme straightener has an LED screen (display in degrees Fahrenheit) and rotating cable for better comfort of use. ** The temperature 250 ° C is reserved only for the Brazilian, Korean or Japanese straightening process because the product used contains protective agents. In addition, the temperature of 250 ° C (480 ° F) is reserved for thick, natural hair that has not been subjected to coloring or fading. For daily use, do not exceed 180 ° C. It is better, in fact, to pass the straightener several times at a milder temperature on a wick, stopping as soon as the effect obtained at maximum temperature, risking damage the hair or even the skin. WARNING: DO NOT USE ON UNSUITABLE OR WET SYNTHETIC HAIR LIZZE Hair Straightener Extreme Titanium 250 °

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