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Brazilian smoothing is very popular at the moment and some points need to be cleared about it

At first, we will discuss Brazilian smoothing on children.

Brazilian smoothing consists of injecting keratin into the hair from vegetable materials to give it a smooth, elastic and shiny look.

Many mothers wonder if their children can use this type of treatment to smooth the hair without harming them.

Some parents spend a crazy time taking care of their children's hair

Some parents thought about the Brazilian smoothing for their little ones

First, it is important to explain the difference of products for the Lissage Brésilien

Given the sensitivity of children, it is important to use adequate products.

Brazilian smoothing products containing prohibited substances in the European Union will of course not be addressed as these represent a potential danger to your children. For this reason, it is very important to ask your professional what kind of product is it/it uses

To take into account that some 'professionals' are not even aware of which type of product is used

If you have any questions about a Brazilian or capillary btox product, we are at your disposal to answer

Only products with European standards and not containing prohibited substances can be used on children

As far as age is concerned, it is advisable to do so from the menstruations in girls and early adolescence in boys.

The hair evolves in structure up to adulthood, it is not necessary to use the same smoothing products as those of adults in the child.

The hair fiber is therefore 'adult'. In addition, we only recommend organic products with the maximum organic ingredients

Some products also contain suffering and are still European standards but represent a risk for your small tips.

In summary, you really need to know about the Brazilian smoothing products that will be used on your loved ones to avoid any health problems and the definitive change of the hair of them.

Based on all of this, we strongly advise you to refer to trained professionals in this matter or to push back treatment to a more advanced age.

With regard to pregnant women, all that is explained for children is also applied

There is AUCUN Brazilian smoothing products on this land that can be used on a pregnant woman without a gynecological opinion!

Every pregnancy is different....

Some brands have launched products adapted to pregnant women. We still have to check some important points...

For pregnant women, we are convinced that this is more on a case-by-case basis.

Only a professional will know if the person can do it safely.

If a pregnant customer asks you to make a Brazilian smoothing or a capillary btox, we advise you to take a photo of the list of ingredients and send it to your customer.

It can be sent to its gynaecologist and it will be able to confirm or infirm the non-dangerousness of the product.

Some gynaecologists who are not up to date claim that Brazilian smoothing with a maximum of 0.2% is allowed

This is completely false!

Products that you can use on pregnant women and children really should not contain prohibited substances

If you still decide to do so, your client risks fetal malformations, a false-layer or even worsen the risk of cancer.

In summary, it is better to prevent than cure

Compared to the technique, it must also be adapted according to the person on whom you employ it.

If Brazilian smoothing is performed on a pregnant woman or a child, it is recommended:

  • Used a warming helmet during break time
  • Make cold brushing
  • Promote proteined smoothing that rinses before brushing
  • Rinse the product completely at the end
  • Avoid keeping the product 24/72 hours

Recommended products for these two types of people are the Brazilian smoothing which must be rinsed after the break time

(Example: Brazilicious Australian Mango, Organic gold Protein diamond, Naturelle Cosmetics, Sorali, Hanna Lee and many others)

Why? Because smoke or tingling should be avoided for pregnant women and children

Even if the product does not contain harmful substances, smoke that emanates during drying may be potentially bad for them

We hope to have cleared all these points for you.

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