Discover the best weavers for Brazilian smoothing

In this article, we will explain a few very important points about the Brazilian smoothing licker

One of the most asked questions is:

What strength do I need to use for Brazilian smoothing and what is the best smoother for Brazilian smoothing?

We need to know that in order to achieve optimal results we need to use professional tools and at the cutting edge of technology

Each year, the new model of the thickness makes their entry on the European march

Basically, the thicknesses are not created for the use of Brazilian smoothing but for very short hairstyle purposes in duration

Following the demand of high-quality high-performance lensors, some companies have carried out research to complete the launch of a lens specially designed for Brazilian smoothing

Basically, the thickness used for the Brazilian smoothing technique must meet the following criteria:

  • Digital displays
  • Temperature min 160 to 230 degrees
  • Titanium Plate
  • Ceramic plate
  • Less than a year of use
  • Plate cleaning once a week
  • EU standards

The large majority of the thicknesses are made to be used a number of minutes.

With the Brazilian smoothing technique, the thickness is used for a very long period of time

This significantly reduces the power of the thickness over time

In other words, if you do a lot of Brazilian smoothing & capillary btox & Japanese smoothing & taninoplasty you will need to change your lid every year!

This is important if you want to get an optimal result

Spend the time of one year, your lamp will always work but will not give the temperature displayed on the display

This means that you will not have a satisfactory result

If you've been using your lid for a few years for Brazilian smoothing and you have the impression that at the beginning you had better results well now you know why.......

There are different thickness marks that are recommended for Brazilian smoothing & capillary btox as well as taninoplasty

This is the one we recommend:

  • Brazilicious Professional
  • Babyliss Pro
  • Max Pro
  • Ultron
  • Lizze Extreme

The strengths we advise for the Brazilian smoothing are those with which you will get performance results

The quality of the Brazilian smoothing product is not the only thing that will make your customers satisfied

The material used for Brazilian smoothing must meet certain standards

In terms of novelty, there are now thicknesses up to 250 degrees.

This temperature is rarely present in the marks of the thicknesses

The thickness that allows to obtain this temperature is the one of the range Brazilicious Professional and Lizze

It was specially designed in Brazil for Brazilian smoothing

This is available exclusively in our shop

This thickness gives exceptional results on the most difficult hairs

The temperature of 250 degrees can only be used on extremely frizzy hair

Not especially used on hair:

  • Damaged
  • Discolored
  • Cassant
  • Fragiles

For the hair above mentioned a temperature of 160 to 180 degrees max. to be used

In case you use the lid at a high temperature on discolored hair you will damage the hair...

In 2020, a new manufacturer of the Brazilicious Professional range specially designed for Brazilian smoothing will be available in our shop.

This one will be very long & wide and can mount up to a temperature of 250 degrees!

In our shop, you will find a wide choice of edges. The smallest to the greatest!

We hope to enlighten your lantern with this article.

As we often explain, Brazilian smoothing seems very simple but is not....

In our blog we will add articles at the end of you explain all the secrets of hair treatments such as Brazilian smoothing, capillary btox, Japanese smoothing, taninoplasty and many more!

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