Wella's story began in the 19th century in Germany. Frans Ströher, a young German hairdresser is the basis of this legacy.

He was in love with the hairstyle and had an enterprising mind. Over time, the brand has constantly evolved throughout the world. Wella is present in all the countries of our globe.

Thanks to years of experience in hair products, the Wella brand has found in place in the top 10 years of brands more used in the world.

This year, the WELLA brand celebrated its 135 candles.


The valeus of the WELLA brand are the long-term vision and the creation of revolutionary and unique products

Its values are CREATION and VISION


In the wide range WELLA, there are a multitude of hair products:

- Coloring WELLA

- WELLA styling products

- Professional care WELLA

There are more than 13 different ranges in the WELLA brand

Wella is also a company that invests in hairdressing training programs in emerging countries in partnership with UNICEF

With the aim of creating quality products, the WELLA company only calls on the world's best hairdressers who have a worldwide reputation


there are 4 types of coloring in the WELLA range. Each of it is intended for a certain type of hair


This coloring is permanent and offers a color of superior quality. The result is intense and bright thanks to a qualitative formula

The choice of tones presents a unique palette of shades of more than 131 shades

Example Tons Wella Kolestion Perfect:

- Natural tons

- Red Tons

- Your cold blonde

- Covering nuances

WELLA tones are extremely covering on the greyest hair. WELLA tubes are created based on a very nourishing formula based on lipids, which is designed to treat the most abbreviated hair.


Permanent coloring that offers exceptional reflections and unique hair protection.


This range has been specially created for semi-permanent transformations that fade over time.

The color palette WELLA COLOR TOUCH is vibrant and contains no ammoniac.


WELLA discoloration range. Perfect for mastered and reliable cold blondes. The Wella Blondor range guarantees up to 9 shades of lightening.


The WELLA CARE range consists of very nutritious products such as shampoos, after-shampooing, rinsing-free treatments & wella serum.

Each range is suitable for a predefined hair type:

  • Wella Enrich: dry hair & damaged
  • Wella Brilliance: Brillance and colour protection
  • Wella Balance: Balance the PH
  • Wella age: Anti-ageing care
  • Wella sun: sun protection
  • Wella Oil Reflections: Oil-based Care
  • Wella elements: does not contain sulphates or parabens

Wella Invigo

The Wella Invigo range is one of the latest innovations in Wella. It meets all hair needs thanks to its wide range of multiple range:

  • Wella Color Brilliance
  • Wella Nutri-enrich
  • Wella Blonde Recharge
  • Wella Volume Boost
  • Wella Color Recharge

Wella Products

In the Wella range, there are also hair products to customize different hairstyles.

  • Wella Eimi Lissage
  • Wella Eimi Texture
  • Wella Eimi Volume
  • Wella Eimi Brilliance
  • Wella Eimi Finishing Spray
  • Wella Eimi Nutricurls

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