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What is taninoplastia ?

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What is Taninoplastia?

Fruit of the latest technological innovations in Brazilian smoothing and coming from Brazil, Taninoplasty will use as main active ingredient, Tanin.

The company that discovered taninoplastia is Salvatore Cosmetics This ingredient of vegetable origin is widely used in pharmacology institute for its anti-inflammatory and cicactrisant properties.

Then the tannin is interesting for its ability to bind perfectly to proteins, especially hair, and thus give them volume, softness and resistance.

In addition, Taninoplastia, if it is not 100% natural, does not contain any dangerous chemicals. These products of course do not contain any substances banned in Europe.

What types of hair is taninoplasty for?

Taninoplastia is ideal for fine hair because of its ability to give body, and therefore not refining the hair makes it the ideal Brazilian straightening for those who fear this problem encountered with other straightening.

Then, we also intend it for those who wish to relax a curl, decrease the volume, remove the sparkling effect or frizz. But beware, it is impossible to define exactly a loop, it remains a smoothing which can be worked in this direction but does not offer perfect precision.

Is taninoplastia recommended for colored hair?

Tanninoplastia can be performed on this type of hair but the technique must be adapted. The pause time and the heat of the straightener must be absolutely reduced.

What is the difference between a Brazilian straightening and taninoplastia?

These two smoothings are very similar, they help relax the hair, but bring a nice relaxation all the same. And finally just like the Brazilian smoothing Brazilian; it is also a treatment.

The differences are still significant, and the tannin smoothings end up establishing themselves as the benchmark smoothings in the family of temporary smoothings.

Then the care action will be different, the Brazilian straightening "coats" the hair with intense and rich hydration which can create a problem with oily hair quite quickly.

Taninoplasty is an organic smoothing which acts from the outside which provides a more sheathed, reinforced hair. It is therefore ideal for finer hair and avoids problems with hair that re-grease too quickly.

How long does taninoplastia last?

The taniniplastia has a very good duration and offers the best resistance over time for two aspects. The first is the relaxation obtained, of a formidable efficiency, our customers often speak of only redoing the roots during their next visit which is estimated at 8 to 10 months on average.

The hair remains beautiful as on the first day, where the Brazilian straightening sees its lengths dry up over time, Taninoplastia retains all its cosmetic qualities. The taninoplasty versus the sea & the swimming pool The taninoplasty holds rather very well, much better than the Brazilian smoothing in these conditions, on the other hand, it does not exempt you from sun protection and hydration.

The Brazilicious SUMMER range is perfect for protecting your hair from the sun, sea and swimming pool water. This range is available in our online store.

In summary

In summary ... You have fine hair, curly or not, you want to get rid of these worries, but you especially do not want to refine your hair or have oily hair.

You prefer a natural Brazilian smoothing solution that is possible but that lasts. Then Taninoplastia is right for you. In our online store, you will find a multitude of taniniplasty brands.

These are the best brands of taninoplasty

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