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BraziliCious Honey Therapy 3 x 100 ml
BraziliCious Honey Therapy 3 x 100 ml

BraziliCious Honey Therapy 3 x 100 ml

  • Brazilian Smoothing with Royal Honey from Yemen
  • New Brazilian technology 2018
  •   3 x 1 l
  • Enriched with Honey Extracts imported from Yemen as well as Olive Oil & Murumuru Oil
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New Brazilian smoothing born from the latest technology in Brazil! For years, we have always offered you the best products on the market.

Here is the BEST!

We guarantee you that you will love it

BraziliCious guarantees you complete satisfaction and is up to European standards.

The virtues of hive products are well established.

They provide the nutrients that the hair needs to function optimally and when they come in the form of hair products, they help to overcome many problems such as hair loss and tip dryness.

Honey, derived from the work of bees, has many advantages for the hair that we offer in the range Honey Therapy

Why choose BraziliCious?

  • It is very simple
  • Offers perfect smoothing
  • 0% formaldehyde
  • E.U standard
  • Allowed for children & pregnant women
  • Brilliance and extreme flexibility
  • Hair reconstruction
  • No color changes
  • Contains new technology that prevents all smoke & tingling
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Eliminates all frizz
  • Intense nutrition with Honey straight from Yemen and Muru Muru oil and olive oil as well as Vitamin A, B and D12
  • Stop hair loss
  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Leaves a fragrant smell on the hair fiber
  • Easy to apply
  • Offers an incredibly natural result

Honey has a regenerative action for sensitized hair fiber Why use honey to take care of your hair? Since ancient times, man has been able to take advantage of the benefits of honey.

At the time, Egyptians were already using honey to strengthen their scalp and accentuate the beauty of their hair. Moisturizing and antioxidant, honey nourishes, strengthens and purifies the hair. Honey to moisturize dry hair Through the use of aggressive products, chlorine in the pool water, discolourations for women (who are also affected by alopecia!)

And other treatments that we inflict on our hair, our hair fiber is assaulted and damaged and the hair becomes dry and brittle. Honey is naturally provided with fat, vitamins and minerals that help fight against hair dryness

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rating 10
Résultat magnifique ! Mes cheveux sont tellement brillant et doux. Vraiment très bon produit
Keratin Therapie
rating 10
Very nice
honey therapy
rating 10
au top du top apres avoir essaye plusieurs produits differents je ne jure que par lui
rating 10
Cheveux doux et brillant avec le Honey. C’est Vraiment un très bon produit
rating 10
Comme promis voici mon retour sur le produit. Je l'ai fais à la maison et resultat magnifique!! mieux que ce javais espéré et surtout ça me coute moins cher car j'ai fais un lissage en salon et j'ai payé 250 € pour un resultat mediocre
rating 10
Très très bon lissage. Le résultat est magnifique
rating 10
Hoeveel keren kan ik deze gebruiken voor schouderlengte?
rating 10
Hoeveel behandelingen kan ik ermee doen aub?
tres tres bon
rating 10
ma coiffeuse m'a fais celui la et je surkiffe!!!!!!

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