Cadiveu - Blonde Reconstructor - Professional kit 1 L
Cadiveu - Blonde Reconstructor - Professional kit 1 L
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Cadiveu - Blonde Reconstructor - Professional...
Cadiveu - Blonde Reconstructor - Professional...

Cadiveu - Blonde Reconstructor - Professional kit 1 L

Cadiveu - Blonde Reconstructor - Professional kit

Thanks to the reconstructor of cadiveu seen will have absolute reconstruction and prevention of damage before, during and after discoloration treatments.


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Inspired by the rarest and most precious pearls, the unique Blonde rhetoric formula with cyclodextrine, octyl restoration protein and pearl protein has been developed with molecular encapsulation technology to provide a special and instant defense mechanism that protects and maintains intact and healthy blonde hair. Instant solution against the 5 most common blonde hair problems: crack, frizz, porosity, yellow tones and unwanted oranges, hair becoming green after the pool.

The Care consists of:

1. Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1l - Shampoo purifying at slightly acid pH that eliminates heavy metals and minerals.

It avoids adverse reactions during the clearing process and improves nutrient absorption in cosmetic treatments.

2. Fiber Filler 1l - Mask with slightly acid pH and proteins of low molecular weight that recovers in-house the cortex hair fiber and improves hair resistance against future breaks and damages.

3. pH Balancing Mask 1l - Balancing mask with pearl and lipid proteins that rebalances the pH of discolored hair while reducing porosity and seals deeply the cuticles, making hair resistant and shiny.

4. Lock Blonde 200ml - No rinsing with adhesive proteins and a sunscreen that prevents the copper and green color caused by the pool. It reduces the porosity of hair, blocks moisture, seals the double ends and offers a lasting control of frizz. 5. Unbroken Blonde Plex 1L Superbright Protector 1L- Ideal for damaged and discolored hair- Prevents rupture and maintains intact wire health. Provides 70% additional protection against damage during the discoloration process. How to use: Combine bleaching powder + oxidant as usual. Add 6 grams of Unbroken Blonde for 20 grams of bleaching powder. Mix well to create a homogeneous mass and start the discoloration process.


1. Sodium water laureth sulfate Glycerin Cocamide MIPA Acrylic acid polymer acrylamidomethylene sodium polychloride 2. Alcohol 3. Glycenium hydrochloride


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