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Honma tokyo bixyplastia 2 x 1 L

Honma tokyo bixyplastia 2 x 1 L

Honma tokyo bixyplastia 2 x 1 L

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Honma tokyo bixyplastia 2 x 1 L

Lissage Brésilien Honma Tokyo

Honma tokyo plasthair bixyplastia This product consists of green tea, apricot oil, silk protein, keratin and luna Matrix. For information, here are, and in a non-exhaustive way, some of their properties: Green tea has astringent and anti-oxidant properties that help strengthen and regenerate the hair.

Apricot oil has the virtue of being hydrant but also allows toning and giving body and shine to the hair. The silk protein has several advantages: it improves elasticity, brings balance and water resistance, and makes shine soft to the hair.

Keratin also brings elasticity, shine and strength to the hair. The Luna matrix is a set of amino acids that allow the reconstruction and beauty of the hairy at the visual level as to the affected. This treatment can be applied to colored, discolored, dried hair without any indication.

It restores docility and shine to your hair, quickly, since rinsing is done the same day. This treatment from the latest advances in Brazilian smoothing has been developed with the aim of treating and easing the hair. This smoothing is available in two product ranges to best meet the needs of each,

cherry for European-type hair (ondulated and/or curly) and passion flowers for Maghreb-like hair (frizz and/or dusk). This product can be applied to colored, discolored, dried hair without contraindication. No need to wait to have a radiating hair since the rinsing is done the same day. Implementation Wash 2 to 3 times hair with shampoo Honma Deep cleaning shampoo.

Dry hair at 50%. Divide hair into 4 parts. Take good action on the Reconstruction & Liss bottle and apply the product without touching the root. Remove excess product with a fine tooth comb and allow for 30 minutes. Dry hair 100%. It is not necessary to make a brushing. Apply Honma Finish, in small quantities, over the length.

Divide the hair into 4 parts and take a fine dick and smooth until the hair is completely dry (about 10-16 times). Once the hair cools apply Honma finish over the length.

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