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Honma Tokyo H-BondPlex

The first Enhanced Linkage SystemHonma Tokyo that reduces hair loss during the process of lightening, coloring and discoloration.

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Honma Tokyo H-BondPlex - 2 x 300 ml

This kit allows for a minimum of 50 applications and contains:

1 Bond Multiplier N°1 of 300 ml 2 Bond Perfector N°2 of 300 ml Without sulfate, without silicone or gluten, suitable for all hair types.

Reducing up to 94% of hair loss**, the H-Bondplex allows hairdressers not to compromise the quality of hair during technical services.

H-Bondplex guarantees a sublimated hair quality after any color service.

No modification of the color routine, no extension of the laying time, no increase of the revealing force.

H-Bondplex is used with all ranges and discoloration and coloring products.


1. Start by mixing wick powder or dye before adding N°1 and mixing. Add more discoloring powder if the consistency is not thick enough.

Add 3,75ml of N°1 for coloring, gloss, tonalizer, scanning and wicks (if less than 30ml of bleaching powder).

For 30ml bleaching powder or more with paper technique, add 7.5ml of N°1.

Then rinse the wicks or coloring (do not shampoo) and dry the hair with a towel and apply N°2. 2.

Rinse wicks or coloring (do not shampoo) and in case of application of gloss or tonalizer, apply and let act.

We advise you to shampoo after application.

Rinse and dry the hair with a towel.

Apply 15ml of N°2 from the roots to the tips, then distribute using a comb and let pose 10 to 20min minimum.

Rinse the hair and make the shampoo, then the aftershampooi H-Bondplex, the hair product that makes fury in the United States, finally lands in Belgium. It ensures you shiny and healthy hair, even those damaged by Brazilian colors and smoothing (or Japanese smoothing).

1. A product for all hair types H-Bondplex is the miracle product used by the largest international stars and the best hairdressers.

Indeed, H-Bondplex is the secret of Kim Kardashian's dream hair. She uses it every day to have hair shiny and full of life.

The star is known for its radical color changes – from ebony black to platinum blonde – but thanks to H-Bondplex, it manages to keep hair as silky as the most natural.

The product will repair in depth the hair that has been damaged by repeated colors and debris.

It also has protective action during your next coloring, smoothing and permanent. Olaplex adapts to all hair types.

He was created by a doctor in chemistry who knew nothing about it in cosmetics, and yet managed to develop a formula that revolutionizes today the lives of thousands of women in the world.

2. How to use H-Bondplex?

Before using H-Bondplex, it is important to understand how the product acts on the hair.

The hair consists of brins that are connected between them by disulfide bridges.

The latter breaks when the hair deteriorates.

This phenomenon is favored by colouring and oxidation, or by excessively aggressive deflections.

The hair product will thus prevent the disulfide bridges from breaking during a coloration or smoothing.

H-Bondplex is a formula of several elements that will be used during the coloring process.

3. H-Bondplex reviews: An optimal result After using H-Bondplex, the hair turns brighter and even brighter than before.

The product represents a new partner for women who regularly color their hair.

It has also become indispensable for those who produce repetitive aggressive colours or smoothing.

To do so, Olaplex has a very effective formula.

The product is a synthesization of a molecule at the origin of the silicone. This layer will surround the hair in order to protect it in the long term during the application of the other protocols.

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très bon protecteur et prix très attractifs par rapport à d'autre
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On l'a testé avec une décoloration et Le resultat est bluffant
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Très bon protecteur! je le préfère à Olaplex
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Je l'ai testé avec une décoloration et vraiment pas mal
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I like this products. Very good website
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Pas mal avec les décolorations
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Très bon produit

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Honma Tokyo H-BondPlex

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