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Honma Tokyo Coffee Green 1L - Brazilian Straightening
Honma Tokyo Coffee Green 1L - Brazilian Straightening
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Honma Tokyo Coffee Green 1L - Brazilian...
Honma Tokyo Coffee Green 1L - Brazilian...

Honma Tokyo Coffee Green 1L - Brazilian Straightening

It is the ideal smoothing of womenpressed and demanding! Indeed, with the discipliner Honma TokyoCOFFEE GREEN, your hair is impeccablesmoothed in record time (8 to 10 months).

The Honma Professional brand revolutionizes Brazilian smoothing by offering you a productorganicd’unesimplicityand onespeedUnmatched.

Honma Tokyo Coffee Green 1L New packaging

Brazilian organic smoothing

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Honma Tokyo Coffee Green - Bio

Contains - Organic Formulation

Organic and natural assets The big advantage of the Brazilian smoothing HONMA TOKYO COFFEE GREEN is that it does not alter the chemical structure of the hair. It uses an innovative organic compound based on keratin and LCC amino acids, organic and natural assets. Its ingredients take care of your hair:

• The extract of Arabica coffee seeds, for a soft and shiny hair

• Ricin oil with moisturizing and nourishing virtues

• Cupuacu butter, known for its moisturizing properties

• Anti-ageing advocate oil, fortifi ante, regenerating and repairing

• Sesame seed oil, a source of many vitamins essential to the good health of the hair.

Brazilian smoothing Honma Tokyo COFFEE GREEN has therefore been developed with carefully selected active ingredients that rebuild, moisturize, restore vitality and intense shine to your hair. As a bonus: an anti-ageing action that avoids early hair aging. Honma Tokyo Coffee Green

Direction of employment Honma Tokyo Coffee green

On colored hair:

On dry hair, divide the head into 4 parts and apply the product to 1 cm from the root. Leave 40 to 50 minutes.

Rinse the entire hair until the product is completely lost.

Dry hair dryer.

Switch plates 4 to 6 times to 180 degrees maximum

On very frizzy or dusk hair:

On dry hair, divide the head into 4 parts and apply the product to 1 cm from the root. Leave 40 to 50 minutes.

Dry hair dryer.

Pass the plates 4 to 6 times per wick to 180 – 200 degrees maximum if weakened hair, otherwise to 230 degrees.

Let the hair cool and rinse

Brazilian brand created by its founder Jorge Hideki Honma, Honma Tokyo is specialized in the development and marketing of Professional Products for Transformation, Capillary Treatment and Hair Care. The result of the perfect union of state-of-the-art technology and the inherited quality of Japan, and more of all the knowledge obtained from the different ethnic groups encountered in Brazil, Honma Tokyo is an innovative society, always seeking to promote the beauty and well-being of people, making its consumers satisfied anywhere in the world, with international recognition of quality standards. Its products help hairdressers to do their work with precision and perfection, enhancing the true beauty of women. It is present in European countries, South America, Africa and the Middle East, seeking to expand its space and gain consumer confidence.

Its products allow professional hairdressers to achieve their work with precision and perfection, enhancing the true beauty of women of all ethnic groups.


Create and market high-quality products at the service of the beauty and well-being of people, satisfying consumers around the world, with an internationally recognized quality standard.


Become the most popular brand by beauty market professionals, recognized for its quality, innovation and the benefits of its products.


In addition to the excellence of its products and services, it has as its objective the continuous renewal, respect for human beings and the environment, responsibility, valorization of its employees, beauty professionals and end consumers. A bold, innovative company connected to what is more modern in the international cosmetics market.

His History

In 2007, Jorge H. Honma discovered the world of hair cosmetics and saw in this segment an opportunity for professional growth and a challenge. As a great contractor and project creator, he decided to invest everything in this market in 2008 and founded Honma Tokyo.

Since then, Honma has as a commitment the ongoing research of quality and innovation in the development of its products and responsibility for the health and well-being of beauty professionals and end consumers. In 2008, Honma launched its first product of success, a kit for hair treatment, the Pitanga Treatment.

Since then, this product has been improved, and is now one of the most sold products, currently known as Capillary Plastic Pitanga and Acai. In 2009, in addition to this treatment, Honma launched the Diamond Kit, increasing its penetration on the market. Since then, other products we

t was launched for the Alignment of the Hair, the Softenings, the Treatments, the Transformation, the Coloring and the Maintenance.

Because quality is Honma's main objective, its products conquered national and international markets, simply through the propaganda of "mouth to ear". It was in 2010 that Honma consolidated in this market and began exporting its products to Europe, North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

From 2011 until now, Honma has expanded its product range and now has a full range of Professional Cosmetics, with fragrances and international technology that meet all the needs of hairdressers.

Innovation, Quality, Passion and Engagement are concepts that have accompanied Honma Tokyo since its foundation in 2008.

Ingredients: Eau Alcohol Cétéaryl Diméthicone Fruit extract of Coffea arabica (café arabica) Cétrimonium chloride Parfum Polyquaternium-7 PEG-90M Butyrospermum parkii (cafere) Cyclopentasiloxane Phenoyethanol EDTA Acids of Kercin

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