Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium collagen
Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium collagen
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Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium collagen
Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium collagen

Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium collagen

  • Brazilian smoothing Honma Tokyo Revolutionary
  • Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium collagen is a Brazilian smoothing that makes the hair smooth,. This keratin treatment is rich in protein and amino acids.
  • Last generation of Brazilian smoothing!
  • Smooth result to 100% > Guaranteed!
  • Guaranteed efficiency!
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Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium collagen

The story ofHonma Tokyo In 2007, Jorge H. Honma discovered the world of hair cosmetics and saw in this segment an opportunity for professional growth and a challenge. As a great contractor and project creator, he decided to invest everything in this market in 2008 and founded Honma Tokyo. Since then, Honma has as a commitment the ongoing research of quality and innovation in the development of its products and responsibility for the health and well-being of beauty professionals and end consumers. In 2008,

Honma launched her first product of success, a kit for hair treatment, the "Petanga Treatment". Since then, this product has been improved, and is now one of the most sold products, currently known as Capillary Plastic Pitanga and Acai. In 2009, in addition to this treatment, Honma launched the Diamond Kit, increasing its penetration on the market. Since then, other products have been launched for Hair Alignment, Softening, Treatments, Transformation,

Coloring and Maintenance. Because quality is Honma's main objective, its products conquered national and international markets, simply through the propaganda of "mouth to ear". It was in 2010 that Honma consolidated in this market and began exporting its products to Europe, North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East. From 2011 until now,

Honma has expanded its product range and now has a full range of Professional Cosmetics, with fragrances and international technology that meet all the needs of hairdressers. Innovation, Quality, Passion and Engagement are concepts that have accompanied Honma Tokyo since its foundation in 2008.

Direction of employment :

Wash the hair with the Honma Tokyo shampoo dilator coffee premium collagen step 1 twice


During the second wash, let the product act for 3 to 5 minutes.

Apply step 2 Catering Hair Gel Honma Tokyo coffee premium collagen leaving 1 cm of root

Leave for 20-30 minutes and dry 100%

Full drying

Divide the hair in several parts and pass the iron to smooth at 230 degrees

Cool and rinse and apply the intensive protein spray for 5/10 min.

Rincer & styling

Contains: Honma Tokyo coffee collagen ( pump not included)

Ingredients - Honma Tokyo coffee premium: Deep Cleaning Shampoo No. 1 Coffee Premium Honma Tokyo: Eau Sodium laureth Cocamidopropyl beta Coffea arabica seed extract (café arabica) Cocamide DEA Triéthanolamide Parfum Phenoxyethanol Chloride guar hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride sodium Coffea arabica seed extract Keratin amino acids Hydrolized wheat protein Eucheuma spinosum (eucheuma) Extrait de Laminaria saccharina (sugar llaminary) Hydrolized collagen Lactoserum hydrolized Máscara Ultra Brilho N° 3 Coffee Premium Honma Tokyo: Eau Alcool de cétéaryl Diméthicone Fruit extract of Coffea arabica (café arabica) Cétrimonium chloride Parfum Polyquaternium


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