Miami Gloss Le Diamant aux Huiles
Miami Gloss Le Diamant aux Huiles
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Miami Gloss Le Diamant aux Huiles
Miami Gloss Le Diamant aux Huiles

Miami Gloss Le Diamant aux Huiles

miami gloss

Miami Gloss Oil Diamond


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Brazilian smoothing "The Oil Diamond" is a smoothing that is enriched with tannin.

The result is Thermoactive, it appreciates the hair dryer. This smoothing will smooth your hair while repairing them.

QUANTITY: 1 litre 10 to 15 heads (depending on length and thickness)

BIENFAITS : Repair the hair fiber Smooth and Luminous from the first application Repair and Brillance Regenerates and recovers all its strength Hydratation and Soft Adapt to any hair type Duration 4 to 6 months COMPOSITIONS : Riche en Coconut Oil Macadamia Oil Argan oil 0 % Formaldehyde


1. Make two shampoos (may any) rinse the hair with warm water, then apply a dose of shampoo on the roots and lengths. Slightly massage the scalp and foam the shampoo on the entire hair, repeat the step a second time.

2. Dry the hair using a hair dryer until dry to 100% and separate the hair in 4 parts.

3. Shake the bottle well, using the brush starts applying the smoothing treatment and starting with the neck at 1 cm from the root.

Proceed to dry, gradually go back to the front of the head.

The hair must remain straight once treated and combed.

Don't be foolish. Remove the excess by means of a fine comb, massage each wick.

Leave one hour for any hair type (except afro hair 1 hour 15 about).

4. Rinse with clear water at 80 or 100% 5. Have the room.

With a round brush and a hairdryer, make a hairdryer by drying 100% of the hair. A smooth brushing is essential.

6. The passage of the iron to be smooth must be done carefully, on very thin wicks. The thinner the wicks and the smoother the result.

Spend 25 to 30 times on each fine wick while respecting the temperature of the iron according to the hair.


To guarantee a lasting effect of your smoothing, you need to use specific products without sulfate. This smoothing is thermo-active, to have impeccable smoothing and to endure, you must comb your hair while drying them for 6 months.


A bowl A blouse A comb Pliers A brush A pair of gloves Brush brushes A dryer A smoothing iron LISSAGE Between 6 to 8 months except for reg


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