Moser ChroMini Pro-2 black with U-Blade 0,3mm
Moser ChroMini Pro-2 black with U-Blade 0,3mm
Moser ChroMini Pro-2 black with U-Blade 0,3mm
Moser ChroMini Pro-2 black with U-Blade 0,3mm

Moser ChroMini Pro-2 black with U-Blade 0,3mm

Moser ChroMini Pro-2 black with U-Blade 0.3mm

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Moser ChroMini Pro 2 - 1591 Trimmer The wireless mower Moser Chromini Pro 2 is ideal for cutting hair in difficult places and for making clear contours, thanks to the cutting length of only 0.3 mm.

You want to make a special creation with beard or hairstyle that the mower Moser Right chromini.

The trim is delivered with a battery charger, an adjustable comb from 3 to 6 mm, a special blade oil and a cleaning brush.

Despite the practical small size of the lawn mower, it has a powerful engine of about 7,000 laps/minute, which allows to quickly create a clean and tight result.

The load of the grass cut is done in two hours, then the grass cut in 85 minutes.

The trim is equipped with a light that indicates that the battery is low. Moser is synonymous with quality. For more than 75 years, it has guaranteed extraordinary product ideas, solid technology and quality "Made in Germany" in the professional mower segment.

Since 1996, the traditional Moser produced by Wahl, the world leader in the field of professional mowers, the ideal tool for any hairdresser. Use of mower Moser Chromini Pro 2 - 1591:

Step 1: Make sure the battery is fully charged.

Step 2: Check if the trim is clean. Otherwise, clean the trimmer (see steps 7-EAR12).

Step 3: Set the desired cut length using the comb accessory for a cut length between 3 and 6 mm. Without the comb accessory, the cut length is 0.3 mm. Five settings are available.

The more the comb is retracted, the shorter the cut length.

Step 4: Make sure your hair is washed before shaving. Step 5: Cover the shoulders of the person to shave to catch the hair cut. Step 6: Raise in the direction of hair growth, it is often recommended to start with the longest setting of the fixation comb.

Step 7: After use, clean the comb accessory with water and soap. If necessary, use a brush to clean the corners.

Step 8: Let the comb of the cutting accessory dry on a towel.

Step 9: Remove the case head. Step 10: Walk the hairs of the cutting blades, inside and outside the lawn mower. Click the cleaning lever to facilitate the removal of hair residues.

Step 11: Wipe the device using only a soft or slightly wet cloth.

Step 12: Apply special oil for blades on cutting blades.

Step 13: Carefully store the trim for the next use.

Council: If after prolonged use, despite regular cleaning and lubrication, the cutting performance decreases, replace it with Wahl Spare Blade Super Trimmer. Result: A haircut or a freshly shaved beard with tight contours.


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