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Nouar Maxx

Nouar Cacau

  • Kit Lissage Brésilien keratin Nouar Maxx - Ideal for frizzy, thick or difficult hair looking for both care and intense smoothing - Treatment of about 4 months depending on the nature of the hair -
  • Nouar Professional
  • Size 2X 1000 ml


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  • 1 clarifying shampoo Nouar Cacau – 1000 ml - Brazilian smoothing
  • 1 treatment leaving kerat Nouar Cacau – 1000 ml - Brazilian smoothing


Leaving treatment to keratin Nouar Profesionnal Maxx is a cocktail of powerful ingredients, amino acids, vitamins and proteins.

This exclusive formula smoothes intensely while fixing the hair dramatically. It will particularly appeal to textured, thick and resistant hair by offering them an incomparable smoothing.

The smoothing treatment of keratin allows a gradual reduction in volume without the use of chemicals. It produces allows to relax the hair, to ease the frizz while keeping a natural movement.

This Brazilian smoothing is compatible with any chemical treatment that would have been performed before on the hair.


The deep clarifying shampoo Nouar Cacau(Step 1)

  • The deep clarifying shampoo designed to clean and remove all residues from the hair.
  • Promotes the opening of the hair cuticle and prepares for treatment.

Ingredients:Water, Cetylene Alcohol Cetrimonium chloride Cyclopentasiloxane Glyoxylic acid Hydrolized soy protein Hydrolized wheat protein Lake acid Macadamia ternifolia (macadamia) Phenoxyethanol 5-bromo-5-nitro


Hair treatment Nouar Cacau(Step 2)

  • This reconstructor rich in vitamins and proteins, provides incomparable softness and a natural appearance, leaving hair silky and shiny




The application of Brazilian smoothing NOUAR MAXX hair care, can take 1h30 to 2h30 depending on the length and type of hair.

It is advisable to be assisted by a friend to ensure that all the wicks are properly treated in particular at the back of the head.

Equipment required:

  • A bowl
  • A brush
  • A comb
  • A brush
  • A dryer
  • A smooth iron
  • Gloves and mask.


We advise you to make your Brazilian smoothing in an airy room.

STEP 1 Nouar Maxx.

  • Wash hair 1-2 times with Clarifying Shampoo (Step 1)
  • Leave for three minutes, rinse
  • Sprinkle hair with a towel and dry it with the hair dryer at 80%.
  • Do not brush or detangle the hair so as not to close the cuticles.
  • Divide hair into 4 parts to prepare them to receive treatment.

STEP 2 Nouar Maxx.

  • Put the protective gloves and possibly the mask if your room is not well ventilated
  • Shake the bottle and pour the product into the bowl. (Step 2)
  • Work on wicks of 3 cm wide and 2 cm thick starting with the neck.
  • Apply product to 1cm of the scalp to the tip
  • Smell each wick
  • Pass a fine comb several times for a good distribution of the product and remove the surplus.
  • Allow the product to act between 15 minutes and half an hour depending on the degree of frisure.

STEP 3 Nouar Maxx.

  • Dry the hair 100% using the dryer and brush. During this stage, the brush must be used only to discipline the hair without actually smoothing or giving it shape. The smoothing will be done later.
  • Divide hair into 4 sections.
  • To seal the product in the hair, smooth each wick of 0.5cm thick with a smooth iron.
  • Start with the neck and pass the iron to smooth at 220° from 10 to 15 times per wick from root to tip with the same intensity.
  • Do not rinse the product for at least 24H (48h being the optimal duration) by ironing to smooth each day in order to optimize the result of your Brazilian smoothing.

For an optimal hold of your Brazilian smoothing, it is advisable to use shampoos without Sodium laureth.

Different ranges of Brazilian smoothing care and maintenance are available on our site.

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