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Salvatore Blue gold 2 x 500 ml Salvatore Blue gold Contains : -Salvatore Blue gold Premium - Shampoing clarifying 1L -Salvatore Blue gold Premium - taninoplasty treatment 1L Would you like to discipline your hair and have a smooth hair, without frizz, for a long time? If this is what you want, discover the revolutionary technique of smoothing that we present to you in this article of allHow. This is taninoplasty, a new hair treatment that allows to smooth and moisturize the hair in depth. This technique releases you for a few months from drying and smoothing.

Salvatore Blue gold - Taninoplasty capillary What is the Salvatore Blue gold taninoplasty? This is a new natural hair smoothing technique that benefits from substances called tanins, hence the name of this technique. Tannins are plant-based polyphenols that are obtained through maceration of the skin of grapes, chestnut and oak. These elements are used in medicine to accelerate the healing of certain diseases, thanks to their anti-inflammatory or healing properties. It has been discovered that tanins have many benefits for the hair because they penetrate inside the molecules of the hair by completely restructuring them. This is why taninoplasty acts on the cells that compose the hair by creating a protective layer. This allows you to make your hair supple, smooth and healthy. This technique is completely natural and,

Unlike other smoothing techniques, it does not cause discomfort, tingling or allergic reactions. What is Salvatore Blue gold treatment Taninoplasty smoothing is a well-defined stage treatment. Make an appointment in a professional hairdressing salon so that the result is impeccable. The different stages of taninoplasty are: Wash your hair with a shampoo specially designed to dilute the cuticles and ensure that the treatment you will apply then penetrates deeply. Apply the active product that contains tannins on the whole hair, wick per wick. Leave for 30 minutes, then remove the product by rinsing with a little water. Brush the hair from the root to the tips. Dry them with a hairdryer and a comb to smooth them. Delicately pass the iron to smooth on the whole of your hair, wick per wick, in order to achieve an optimal result.

Mick your hair again and apply a special hair mask, leaving for 10 minutes. Finally, let your hair dry in the open air or dry it with the hair dryer in a minimum position. Salvatore Blue gold - Benefits and visible results The benefits of Salvatore Blue gold taninoplasty are numerous, but some are elementary. It is an excellent treatment to rebuild and moisturize your damaged hair, to get a smoothing that lasts longer and for a shiny, satiny and even more beautiful hair. In addition, as we have already said, there is no risk to your hair or scalp.

And, as it contains no chemical component, it can be used for all hair types. The price of a taninoplasty ranges between 160 and 200 EUR. For its effects to last longer (between 4 and 5 months), you will need to wash your hair with a shampoo and a special mask, available in hair salons. Instructions for use Salvatore Blue Gold Wash the hair 2 to 3 times with the clearing shampoo Salvatore Blue Gold Premium. gently massage the hair. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Then remove the excess water using a towel. Make sure the shampoo has been rinsed. Then apply phase 2 Salvatore wick per wick, line per line. We need to apply very little.

Let the product act for 30 minutes to allow the hair to absorb all the kerat. Rinse the hair completely (only with water) and make sure that there is no residue on the hair. Brush the hair from the root to the tips to activate the intense shine touch. Lend the hair to bite by going 10 to 20 times on very thin wicks depending on the structure and strength of the fiber. The thickness must be increased to 230 degrees. Salvatore Blue gold

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