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Salvatore Tanino Therapy

  • Salvatore Tanino Therapy2 x 1 l
  • Taninoplasty
  • Brazilian smoothing with tannins

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Salvatore Tanino Therapy - 2 x 1L - Taninoplasty

Taninoplasty Contains : -Salvatore tanino therapy - Shampoing clarifying 1 l -Salvatore tanino therapy - taninoplasty treatment 1 l You would like to discipline your hair and have a smooth hair, no smears, and this for a long time?

This is taninoplasty, a new hair treatment that allows to smooth and moisturize the hair in depth. This technique releases you for a few months from drying and smoothing.

Taninoplasty capillary

What is taninoplasty?

This is a new natural hair smoothing technique that benefits from substances called tanins, hence the name of this technique.

Tannins are plant-based polyphenols that are obtained through maceration of the skin of grapes, chestnut and oak.

These elements are used in medicine to accelerate the healing of certain diseases, thanks to their anti-inflammatory or healing properties.

It has been discovered that tanins have many benefits for the hair because they penetrate inside the molecules of the hair by completely restructuring them.

This is why taninoplasty acts on the cells that compose the hair by creating a protective layer. This allows you to make your hair supple, smooth and healthy. This technique is completely natural and, unlike other smoothing techniques, it does not cause discomfort, tingling or allergic reactions.

Find out why and how the Tanino Therapy took the number 1 place in the world of smoothing. Salavatore Cosmetics, creator of the Tanin smoothing in Brazil, now offers the Tanino Therapy which is a Boosted version of its legendary Blue Gold, already a reference in the Tanin smoothing.

The smoothing at the Tanin gradually replaced the Brazilian smoothing by their efficiency, keeping and respecting the hair.

Hair that no longer refines, which do not grease, no fall and an outfit in exceptional time, this is what the smoothings at Tanin offer and especially those of the brand Salvatore Cosmetics.

Instructions for use SALVATORE TANINO THERAPY Wash the hair 2 to 3 times with the clearing shampoo Salvatore shampoing clarifying Healthy Scalp step (A). gently massage the hair.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry the hair 50%, using a towel and then using the hairdryer for a few minutes.

Apply the product SALVATORE Tanino Therapy Volume Reducer step (B) dries per dick, massage the hair and distribute with a fine comb.

Leave the product for 30 minutes to allow the hair to absorb all the kerat; you can cover with a cap or plastic film (cellophane) to keep the hair warm but it is not mandatory. Rinse the hair completely (only with water) until there is no residue of the product on the hair.

Make a smooth and straight brush on the hair.

Letting the hair dries to dip 10 to 20 times the iron to smooth on very fine dicks, depending on the thickness and strength of the hair. The thickness must be increased to 230 degrees: reduce to 200°C if the hair is discolored or very weakened.


A - Cuticle Prepper Tanino Therapy Salvatore 500 ml Eau Sodium laureth sulfate Sodium chloride Cocamidopropyle betaïne Amyle cinnamal Hexyle cinnamal Linalool Phenoxyethanol Methylparaben Butylparabene Ethylparaben Propylparabene Peel extract of Piptadenia colubrina (coating extract) Acute hydrochloride Bambusa vulgaris push extract (bamboo push extract) Hydrolized Keratin Maltodextrine Behentrimonium Chloride HCL Seed extract Paullinia cupana (a guarana seed extract) Alcohol of acetylized lanoline Niacinamide Tocopheryl Acetate CI 44045 Calcium Pantothenate Sodium Phosphate ascorbyle Octenylsuccinate starch sodium.

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Good delivery to Germany
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fast delivery to Cyprus
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The hair of my client was not 100 % straight but was very shiny
Excellent !
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Livré au bout de 3 jours. Nickel
rating 10
goed product. Snelle levering
rating 10
Entregas a España?
rating 10
I am from Roma. Box arrivad after 4 days and the bottles is originals. Very good
rating 10
livraison express
rating 10
Bonjour, je commande régulièrement chez vous et j'aimerais si vous proposez la livraison express 24 H? Je suis prête à payer un supplément. Je n'ai plus une goutte de produit et plusieurs rdv à honorer
rating 10
Est ce qu’il est vraiment meilleur que le Blue gold?
rating 10
Je les ai achetés ! Ce sont des originaux aucun souci ! C’est parfait
rating 10
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen diesem Produkt und Standardglättung?
Emma chenet
rating 10
Bonjour je viens de le commander. Ça prend combien de temps pour la Suisse svp ?
rating 10
Bonjour, J’ai bien reçu ma commande par contre je n’ai pas de quoi appliquée. Vous savez où je peux m’en procurer à Lille ? J’ai vu que vous en aviez mais j’en ai besoin aujourd’hui
rating 10
Bonjour jai deja commander le blue gold sur votre site et je voulais demander si le tanino therapy est meilleur?
rating 10
Bonjour, combien de temps prends la livraison pour nice?

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