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Sweet lovely

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Sweet lovely

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Sweet lovely - Brazilian straightening 3 x 1 L

► Does Sweet Lovely Brazilian smoothing contain ammonia or formalin? No, it is completely free from ammonia, hydroxide or formaldehyde.

► Can I color my hair and apply straighteners right after? We recommend that the coloring / toning process be carried out right after straightening the hair and before applying Sweet Lovely, during straightening or after two washes to improve the fixation of the color in the hair structure.

► Can Sweet Lovely cause eye or scalp irritation? Sweet Lovely is safe and anti-allergic, therefore it does not irritate the eyes or the scalp.

► How long does the effect of Sweet Lovely in the hair last? Sweet Lovely lasts 3 to 5 months, but this can be extended by using the maintenance line correctly.

► After straightening with ammonia or sodium hydroxide / guanidine, can the straightening be done the same day? To obtain a more effective effect on resistant hair, we recommend that you make two applications of Sweet Lovely with a space of 7 days, avoiding the use of relaxers.

► Is Sweet Lovely compatible with henna? Sweet Lovely is compatible with all substances, however, in cases like henna it is recommended to test the hair before to determine its sensitivity.

► What is the ideal temperature of the flat iron for Sweet Lovely? For a healthy and resistant hair, the ideal temperature is 230 ° C. For damaged hair, the ideal temperature is 180 ° C to 200 ° C.

► Can the Sweet Lovely product be used for a pregnant woman or a child? Yes it is quite possible because our product is completely anti-allergic with the gynecological opinion


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Bonjour, j’ai eu de super résultat sur des cheveux colorés mais sur des cheveux poreux pas vraiment Est-ce que vous avez quelque chose a conseillé ?
entregas a España?
How much days to Espana ?
Alicia Dos Santos
entrega rápida. estoy muy satisfecho
Die Lieferung dauerte eine Weile, aber ich erhielt meine Bestellung