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12 Kits Prime Bio Tanix 2 x 1 L

12 Kits Prime Bio Tanix 2 x 1 L

12 Kits Prime Bio Tanix 2 x 1 L

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The new formula has essential assets for a complete recovery of yarn straightening and nutrition in complete safety. Say goodbye to aggressive chemicals and preservatives. With Bio Tanix Extreme the hair gains a more natural air, with intense brightness and stays healthy and free of aggressions.

Comment l'utiliser :
-Moisten the hair, apply the Extreme Shampoo and evenly massage the hair. 
Note: The scalp should be preserved, not being rubbed or massage. Rinse thoroughly.
-With 50% dry hair, split them into strands and apply Extreme Smoothing strand by strand. After full application, cover with a plastic cap and let stand for 45 to 60 minutes. After the break, in the lavatory, remove the product. It is not necessary to use shampoo. Note: For blondes rinse thoroughly.
-Prepare the hair to dry, with the help of a round brush, let the yarn completely smooth. Then separate fine wicks and plank each 10 to 15 times, depending on the strength of the wires.
-To finish we recommend the use of Extreme Mask, let pause for 3 minutes to equalize and rinse. Finalize as you wish. The result is straight hair without fading the wires. Treated, with unparalleled brilliance and naturalness.

**For blond hair, use the flat iron up to 180 ° to avoid showing the bleaching bottom. In case of colored hair, we recommend that you apply Leave-in Bio Tanix before brushing.

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